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vendredi 8 février 2013

PARK AVENUE by Cristina Alger

When the financial crisis sometimes delivers the finest scandals.. .on déboule in the heart of the Darling, patrician family family new York who plays in an inbreeding and self-sufficient environment: financial New York families.
By opening this book you will discover first what is Park Avenue is a street where all the wealthy West Coast, nestled in luxury apartments decorated so outrageous or houses bordered by two boxwood pot classieusement are nested cut. The offspring of these families were all educated at Harvard or Princeton, are promised in situations well compensated in law firms or investment banks. All their smiles. With physical models of ad for Ralph Lauren, they convey their brilliant charitable holiday evening certainties.
Among them, Paul Ross, a young lawyer.

Upon returning home the Darling Paul Ross has not only married Merrill, daughter of Carter Darling, a billionaire financier. All included...... an apartment on Park Avenue, weekends in the Hamptons, or jobs, charity with all Manhattan evenings.
Paul loses his job, Carter offered him to lead the team of lawyers of his hedge fund, a fabulous opportunity
Le Corbusier dealt with New York's beautiful disaster, Wall Street lived hers.
And at the outset the disappearance of a curious character triggers a count... oppressive time bomb is started during the Thanksgiving weekend.
The holidays start.. .so that the banks are threatening to collapse.
On Park Avenue, the famous avenue, gravity fine flower of American finance: traders, lawyers, members of the inspection bodies, creators of hedge funds, investor, prepare their exodus from the weekend in the Hampton.
Everything was going so well... but here goes!a grain of sand will disrupt this beautiful postcard setting...
"Morty Reis, the friend of the family ('Uncle Morty') as of finance had the bad idea of suicide, lifting hearts, but also many questions about the Fund he has built a formidable performance"
It would be a new Madoff... with too good to be true performance curves.
The fortune would be sitting on a gigantic scam?

Only a few crazy work during this week of the dangers that might lead to a dreadful scandal.. .eclaboussant the Darling family.
In any case the wind of panic breath on Park Avenue where each will strive to find the ideal scapegoat to blame... rats often leave the ship in such circumstances.
The cooked Thanksgiving Turkey lovingly by zealous servants perfume this week-end offering a respiratory pause the curée justice and the press that will surely knock heads in the sawdust

So will the wings of power flame under the media spotlight as if a new bonfire of vanities ignited for the second time.
Paul loved this city where the seasons are marked. The arrival of winter is something electrical. "Despite the cold and the sands sidewalks, the season is a breathtaking beauty... a few hours snow sprinkled the sidewalks of icing sugar and transforms the skyscraper in luxurious pièces montées... page 174...
This season however, it would mark the end of Darling dynasty and the end of a financial system reached the limit of its exercise?

For this young southern lawyer so quickly accustomed to the luxury of life New York: apartment on Park Avenue, it will soon have to choose sides: save his skin and betraying his wife and his in-laws, or even protect the family business at all costs.
Cristina asks his cold eyes and in a burst of pedagogy flat puts all runaway soul States of the Darling family and his entourage.
"If the Darling were not poor in the conventional sense of terme.ils were in the environment in which they evolved... but the Darling are not one family like any other... »...
The chance is not made to last and the author is careful to judge the protagonists, shall however one was cruel enough of these people... explodes the certainties of these arrogant, Liars Wasp
The hedge fund's Morty will collapse the Darling family building and will become you the background that will touch this family at the end of Thanksgiving and definitely switch his fate within a week-end?
More than a financial crisis it is a veil which rises on family behaviour... dire moments where family solidarity masked by too white-toothed smiles, flew apart.
Cristina Alger, graduate of Economics (Harvard and New York), lawyer in the financial field, wrote his first novel, masterfully Park Avenue... dominating her subject.
The qualities of a book are, tell, entertain and educate, and to think, mission is completed for this book which more loose you
A fascinating novel that speaks to the family, other than money and social ascent.Jay MC Inerney that this literary product is the best that the financial crisis could give birth
Particularly well documented, this breathtaking novel paints a portrait terrifying world of global finance at the start of an announced annee2013 as austere.

The Editions Albin Michel had the glad hand on what I would call the Best Seller of the year
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RELEASE DATE: 30/01/13
• Publisher: Albin Michel (Editions)
• ISBN: 978-2-226-24529-8
• EAN: 9782226245298
• NB. OF PAGES: 464

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