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mercredi 6 octobre 2010


How all want to exonerate us well!!!! ((strong print of François Villon???) in any case one seeks to be made forgive!!!!
Our faults??? ...... that of the pleasure of having read Stéphanie Janicot in a scenography of strong destinies!!
Some have lives, others of the existences and others of the destinies….the characters of Stéphanie are not satisfied with the first two forms!!!!
A widow of war which does not await its pension with the corner of fire, Saar old journalist of war, leads us on this place of Contrescarpe to the junction of the street Mouffetard and the street Lacépède. Story developpe a life of village in full Paris ..... a child bursts the horizon as of these streets while launching imprécations which are as disconcerting as its glance. It is the world of Saar, old journalist of war, survivor of an attack which killed her Solel husband. However it is necessary for him to live in its mutilated body and to be made a family of election ....... live. .vivre. .survivre with the madness of the men and fanaticism. Immanouel, the child-prophet of Sarajevo will sublimate all its forces by projecting it towards a return to the life ..... a nonviolent bomb in our occcident which veils the face in front of the war. “I took the practice of these sentences to the sometimes strident accents, they are not more with my ears but one litany which rocks me.
Not belonging neither to time nor with space, but a little to both. They furnish my apartment, they rythment my days. ”

Saar will realize through this animal child of his weaknesses she goes cotoyer Catherine the ex of her husband who seeks a redemption in the humanitarian It lost its balance definitively ....... but it will find another of them Stéphanie writes here a beautiful novel of woman (S) to reading by the men… it seeks to disentangle the hank of the family relations O how much complex, in this enthralling book which falls us with the hands to 2:00 of the morning!!!! Is mechanics of the bodies to be repaired which forwards by the destruction of the life with the crucial question of the page 142 “Which with the Juste that an human being? ” Life with death….this terminus the purpose of which is to give direction to the life which precedes, and with which this atmosphere is interfered war ...... Crossed destinies, interlacing of the feelings ...... this book tore me the bowels!!!!!! Of l' shade or of the light, which of both does light us? one does not release it any more… with this atypical intrigue… the addiction is likely to be heavy one cannot withdraw oneself all the same from the pleasure of saying good of it.
One will not be able to veil any more the face, us them Western with our furtive manner d' to approach the violence of the ....war me in a dark abstraction Stéphanie provided a good work…. with us readers to do ours….with pleasure!!

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